Technologies and Services


During the 2nd Open Call, more than 90 different technologies and services from the fields of biological and medical sciences are available for researchers. Browse through the cutting-edge services
offered and get an overview about specific technologies, databases, biological samples and all other tools and resources that you can request for your project.

Please note: As a user, you might have to cover some costs (experimental costs of work required prior service access, consumable costs incurred for service provision).
However, no access fee will be charged to you. And on top, there is limited funding available for your travel and accommodation costs.

Advanced Imaging Technologies

Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources

Clinical Research

Translational Research

Curated Databases

Marine Model Organisms

Mouse Mutant Phenotyping


High-throughput screening platforms

Due to a high demand for projects involving EU-OPENSCREEN screening resources in the first submission rounds of the 2nd CORBEL Open Call, there are no capacities for additional EU-OPENSCREEN projects available in CORBEL anymore.

Structural Biology

Systems Biology