CORBEL Innovation Office

Welcome to the web portal of the Innovation Office!


The helpdesk is available to assist the European Biological and Medical Research Infrastructures with collaboration with industry and technology transfer. Thanks to the CORBEL project (WP8 Accelerating Innovation), the infrastructures have free and easy access to real time legal support and partnering advice from a team of innovation specialists. For more information, please look at the Contact section.

The Innovation Office also aims to be a central expertise centre providing access to essential tools and resources for collaboration such as guidelines on Intellectual Property Rights, Open Innovation, or legal templates. Relevant guidelines and harmonised templates will be regularly uploaded to the relevant portal sections; useful links and FAQ will also be frequently revised according to the users’ frequent requests.

The services provided by the Innovation office include:  

  • Real time advice for RIs, free of charge;
  • Template documents for frequently occurring technology transfer situations (MTA, CDA, etc.)
  • Yearly joint industry/RI workshops on innovation, knowledge sharing etc.
  • Guidelines and assistance with cross-infrastructure, industry/academia collaboration and knowledge sharing;
  • Access to specialist knowledge in relation to business development and legal, regulatory or ethical aspects;
  • On a case-by-case basis, hands on involvement by Innovation Office staff with real collaboration and negotiation cases.  


Download the Operational Principles of the Innovation Helpdesk here.
When requesting support from the Innovation Helpdesk, please use the
Request Template

Local technology transfer offices (TTOs) are the first point of contact for innovation at the individual institute level. The CORBEL helpdesk is designed to complement the local TTOs and focus in particular on adding value in situations involving:

  • A number of institutes within an infrastructure;
  • Industry-academia research collaboration across a range of parties;
  • Cross-RI interactions, with and without industry partners.     

For more information on the objectives and tasks of WP8 Accelerating Innovation, please click here.

Presentations of the Innovation by Open Access Meeting (June 2017 in Brussels) can be downloaded here.