Project governance




Executive Board (ExecB)

The Executive Board is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium.
In addition, it shall ensure the alignment of the project with the BMS RI Strategy Board (the collaborative group of BMS RI directors or coordinators). Therefore, the Executive Board consists of one member nominated by each participating BMS RI (Representing Party).

Current members:  project coordinator (Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR)
                                 project co-coordinator (Erik Steinfelder, BBMRI)
                                 Antonio L. Andreu (EATRIS)
                                 Jacques Demotes (ECRIN)
                                 Nicolas Pade (EMBRC)
                                 Roland Pieruschka (EMPHASIS)
                                 Hervé Raoul (ERINHA)
                                 Wolfgang Fecke (EU-OPENSCREEN)
                                 Jan Ellenberg (EuroBioImaging)
                                 Michael Raess (INFRAFRONTIER)
                                 Susan Daenke (Instruct)
                                 Gennaro Piccialli (ISBE)
                                 Serge Casaregola (MIRRI)


Work Package Leaders Group

This group oversees the technical progress of the project and ensures interoperability and alignment of co-dependent tasks across work packages. It is composed of Work Package Leaders plus staff members from their organisations who support the technical coordination and implementation of the Project by invitation where this is necessary and appropriate.


Scientific and Ethics Advisory Board (SEAB)

The SEAB includes experts in the biological and biomedical life science area whose backgrounds cover science, IT, ethical and legal issues, and industry. It provides efficient recommendations to take into consideration in such different yet intimately connected fields as data protection/secure access on one side and ethical and legal considerations on the other.

Current members:  Prof. Bartha Knoppers (Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University,
                                 Prof. A. Ian Smith (Monash University, Australia)
                                 Prof. Rudi Balling (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, Luxembourg)
                                 Prof. Roberto Di Lauro (Scientific Attaché at the Italian embassy in London)
                                 Dr. Maryann Martone (Dept. of Neuroscience, University of California, USA)
                                 Prof. Berent Prakken (Utrecht Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands)


e-infrastructure Advisory board (EIAB)

The EIAB will ensure not only that the development of data-related services within CORBEL matches the state-of-the-art, but also further enhance the dialogue between e-infrastructures and the BMS RIs.

Current members: Vincenzo Capone (GÉANT, UK)
                                Dr. Bob Jones (CERN openlab, Switzerland)
                                Dr. Kimmo Koski (IT Center for Science, Finland)
                                Dr. Tiziana Ferrari (European Grid Infrastructure, The Netherlands)
                                Klaas Deneudt (Flanders Marine Institute - VLIZ Data Center, Belgium)