High-throughput screening

High-throughput screening, access to in-house chemical compound library

Compounds are tested in a suitably standardised automated manner to collect quantitative data on their bioactivities by using a wide range of read-out technologies such as absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence or AlphaScreen and by implementing cell-based and biochemical assays. This high-throughput screening process allows researchers to rapidly identify compounds that modulate specific proteins or pathways of interest.

Service provider
Screening Unit and Medicinal Chemistry group,
Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie, FMP 

Berlin, Germany

Scientific contact: Jens-Peter von Kries
Technical contact: Jens-Peter von Kries, Martin Neuenschwander  

Due to a high demand for projects involving EU-OPENSCREEN screening resources in the first submission rounds of the 2nd CORBEL Open Call, there are no capacities for additional EU-OPENSCREEN projects available in CORBEL anymore.