Clytia hemisphearica

Clytia hemisphearica - Hydrozoan jellyfish

Clytia hemisphearica is easily available from permanent laboratory cultures. The jellyfish has transparent eggs, embryos, larvae and medusae. It is a small animal with a short life cycle
(~ 3 months) including a vegetative polyp stage, which provides a continuous supply of genetically identical jellyfish. This marine model organism is used to research many topics, for example regulation of oocyte maturation, origins of embryo polarity and evolution of Hox genes and striated muscle. Unlike other laboratory cnidarian models it has a medusa form with complex features e.g. striated muscle and sense organs.

Service provider I

Villefranche-sur mer, France

Scientific contact: Evelyn Houliston   
Technical contact: Evelyn Houliston   


Service provider II
Marine Facility, EMBL

Heidelberg, Germany

Scientific contact: Detlev Arendt 
Technical contact: Marzia Sidri