Application from Industry


CORBEL supports research projects from INDUSTRY

Not only academic scientists can benefit from the unique opportunity offered by the CORBEL Open Call for research projects:
Companies are also invited to apply for access to multiple research infrastructures in biological and medical sciences. Both SMEs and large enterprises can get support from more than 20 service providers to move their R&D project a step forward!

How to apply?

Please proceed to our “Apply for Access” page for more information on the application process and find out more about the resources available on our “Technologies & Services” page. If there is a match with your company’s requirements for a particular development, or if you would just like to gain a better orientation of what is available, please contact us via the email addresses below. Together we will assess the possibilities and identify appropriate resources at the local institute level, i.e. at the service provider level.

Important: On our web pages, we often mention the application management tool ARIA, which we use to manage the scientific review of incoming proposals. If there are strong arguments against using this tool for the submission of an industry project or against sharing your project description with external experts, please contact us to find other solutions.

Access models

Various access models are possible, ranging from pre-competitive open access to more commercial arrangements involving confidentiality, intellectual property and use rights. Case by case this will be examined and appropriate agreements will be set up with the participants.

Costs and Budget

In most cases, participating CORBEL institutes will cover costs for instrumentation and facility staff, whereas costs for consumables will have to be charged to the applicant. Accommodation, travel costs and expenses such as sample shipment will be reimbursed to a maximum amount of €5000 per project. A budget estimate can be provided if and when it is needed by the industry applicant to know a) how much the Open Call project activity will cost and b) what services are available from the participating research institutes and at what rates AFTER the CORBEL Open Call has concluded.


CORBEL asks that results of Open Call projects will become available for (joint) publication. If patents have to be applied for, a time period will be reserved for this prior to disclosure via publication.

Outside the scope or timing of the CORBEL Open Call?

The offer is limited in terms of the resources available and the timing. The final deadline for submission will probably be 31 December 2018 and the last projects should be completed by May 2020. However, it is possible to collaborate on commercial terms outside or beyond the CORBEL Open Call and the scope will vary depending on the research infrastructures or institutes involved. With the intention to promote lasting public-private research cooperation through the CORBEL instrument, proposals will receive appropriate attention as we are all driven by the common goal to accelerate innovation.


If you would like to know more, please contact Dr. Frauke Leitner or Dr. Sonja Hansen.