Access Tracks

The available services offered by more than 20 CORBEL partner institutes from 10 research infrastructures are grouped into five different Access Tracks. Each Access Track combines a certain portfolio of accessible technologies and services spanning a large range of biological and biomedical research areas.
Inform yourself about the available services in each Access Track and decide which Access Track is the most suitable for your project!
Just keep in mind that the services you want to access for your research project have to come from at least two different research infrastructures. If you would like to request additional services that are not part of a particular Access Track, you will have the chance to do so during the proposal submission process!
CORBEL project managers will guide you along the whole way and support you to achieve the best outcome for your project. Please click on the Access Tracks below for more information:

Access Track 1:
Genotype-to-phenotype analysis

Access Track 2:
Predictive systems pharmacology for safer drugs and chemical products

Access Track 3:
Structure-function analysis of large protein complexes

Access Track 4:
Marine metazoan developmental models

Access Track 5:
Complex multimodal biomarker profiling