Training within CORBEL is organised by WP9. We will identify the competency requirements of staff in BMS RIs for the newly identified services proposed by CORBEL and use these as the basis for a pilot training programme for those with the greatest need to develop these competencies.
Our main target audience is technical operators of RIs in BMS RI hubs and nodes.
We will focus on the four Cluster areas: data management and integration, physical access, ethics and innovation.

Staff Exchange Program

The purpose of CORBEL staff exchanges is for operational staff from the Research Infrastructures participating in CORBEL to develop operational expertise in four areas – data management, service provision, innovation and ethics – by making short knowledge-exchange visits to other RIs that are noted for their excellence in the same area.

Call for Hosts 1/2017 (closed)

Call for Participants 1/2017

Webinar series

Detailed information about the CORBEL webinar series can be obtained here.