Data access, management and integration


This WP delivers the implementation of core, sustainable services necessary to support inter-BMS RI data standardization, integration, management, deposition and access. The planned services will benefit a range of users from biologists to software developers: for example, for identifying e.g. samples, generating data mappings to ontologies.
The services will be driven by, and used in: (a) the WP3, WP4 and WP5 pilot projects as core services; (b) European e-infrastructure communities such as TERENA, EUDAT, and EGI communities who we have already engaged with; and (c) external engagements with popular major community projects such as OMERO (biomedical imaging), and IMIs such as tranSMART (translational medicine) and openPHACTS (pharmacology), thus targeting a diverse and large pool of users.

We will collaboratively deliver best of breed workable and interoperable standards, services providing robust access to open and secure data with visible and practical standards support.
We will engage academic users, industry and leverage existing and future projects to ensure that our services and tools are tested and functional across a wide range of domains and are sustainable by monitoring community need for these. By engagement with the technology watch on specific issues such as identifier usage, service design, data security and semantic standards we will leverage investment and expertise and apply it practically.