European Population Imaging Infrastructure (EPI2)

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

General information

Tools, services, and expertise for storage, management, and automated processing of medical images.



EPI2 provides expertise in automated image processing and the use of XNAT image archive.


Technologies offered for the Open Call

- imaging archive (together with EATRIS/BBMRI)
- FASTR (, python software to streamline large-scale automated image
- XNATPY (, software for interfacing with XNAT)
- Validated pipelines to automatically computed selected imaging biomarkers


Additional resources offered for the Open Call



Access modalities

User performs experiments; access to XNAT is virtual; FASTR and XNATpy are open source software; imaging biomarkers are computed by staff or by user, depending on expertise, amount of data, etc.


Scientific and technical requirements

User should have basic coding skills for most tasks; imaging data should be of sufficient quality for computation of imaging biomarkers.



Scientific contact: Stefan Klein
Technical contact: Stefan Klein