Paris, France

General information

ECRIN is a pan-European distributed infrastructure that links scientific partners and networks across Europe to facilitate multinational clinical research. ECRIN provides sponsors and investigators with support for the development and implementation of multinational trials



ECRIN's expertise:
- Support for funding application (advice and consultancy on study design, sites identification,
  regulatory issues...)
- Advice for preparation of multinational clinical trials (methodology, operational aspects,
  regulatory, ethics, contracting…)
- Trial management operations (interaction with competent authorities and ethics committees,
  project management, monitoring, vigiilance, data management)
- Clinical trial tools (outcome measures, regulatory database, site locations, risk-based monitoring)


Technologies offered for the Open Call

Advice on project planning:
- design and methodology
- regulatory and ethical context
- multinational implementation
- data sharing/reuse (prospective and retrospective data)


Additional resources offered for the Open Call



Access modalities

Virtual access.


Scientific and technical requirements

The study must be multinational.



Scientific contact: Christine Kubiak
Technical contact: Serena Battaglia