EATRIS Coordination & Support Office

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

General information

The European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS) aims to make translation of scientific discoveries into medical products more effective to ultimately improve human health and quality of life. It supports clients from academia and industry in developing their biomedical discoveries for novel preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic products up to clinical proof of concept. Around 90 academic institutions of excellence in translational research, based in 12 European Member States, are currently members of the research infrastructure.



EATRIS' expertise includes
- Medical need & public health
- Clinical expertise
- Epidemiology
- Technology
- Assay development
- Methodology – study design
- Statistical expertise
- Integration and querying of information across the clinical field, imaging, biobanking and
  experimental (-omics data) through the integrated IT tool TRAIT


Technologies offered for the Open Call

Support for biomarker validation:
- expert advice on the clinical need
- potential fit with clinical workflow
- development feasibility and methodology
- input on collection, storage, analysis, and archiving of data


Additional resources offered for the Open Call



Access modalities

Virtual access.


Scientific and technical requirements

Users must provide a project plan.



Scientific contact: Florence Bietrix 
Technical contact: Florence Bietrix