Cell Microscopy Core (CMC) University Medical Centre Utrecht

Utrecht, The Netherlands

General information

The CMC is a center of expertise for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) and associated sample preparation techniques. We provide protocols, courses and training on the equipment. Moreover we offer the morphological and experimental expertise of the CMC staff. This effectively allows the users to address fundamental and applied research questions that require ultrastructural information. For example, to localize molecules and identify organelles at sub-cellular level. The CMC is embedded within the active research environment of the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) of the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht. 



The CMC is specialized in immuno-electron microscopy and correlative light-electron microscopy (integrating light or live cell microscopy with electron microscopy on a single sample). Our signature technique is immunoEM using Tokuyasu cryosections. Our infrastructure comprises equipment for EM sample preparation of biological specimens, fluorescent microscopy, live cell imaging, transmission electron microscopy and correlative light electron microscopy (CLEM). Together this comprises a full range of microscopy methods for integrated studies at the subcellular, cellular and tissue level. 


Technologies offered for the Open Call

- Execution of pilot studies by node staff
- Immuno-electron microscopy (immunogold labeling of Tokuyasu cryosections)
- Correlative light-electron microscopy of Tokuyasu sections
- Correlative light-electron microscopy from live cells to 3D plastic embedded samples
- 3D EM of plastic embedded samples
- Preparation of biological samples for EM


Additional resources offered for the Open Call

- Assistance with experimental design (e.g. experimental set up, choice of technique)
- Training in sample preparation
- Training in use of light and electron microscopes
- Assistance of users in the execution of experiments
- Wet lab space
- Data processing and analysis software
- Desk space and training seminar room
- Cell culture facilities
- Biological sample preparation for EM
- EM automation software


Access modalities

On-site, user performs experiment (supported by staff).


Scientific and technical requirements

Planned experiments must be feasible in the CMC and enough capacity of staff and needed equipment in the planned visit period are a prerequisite.



Scientific contact: J. Klumperman 
Technical contact: N. Liv