EMBL-EBI BioStudies database team

Hinxton, UK

General information

The BioStudies database holds descriptions of biological studies, links to data from these studies in other databases at EMBL-EBI or outside, as well as data that do not fit in the structured archives at EMBL-EBI. The database can accept a wide range of types of studies described via a simple format. It also enables manuscript authors to submit supplementary information and link to it from the publication.



The team has expertise in managing wide range of bioinformatics data, in particular unstructured data and image data.


Technologies offered for the Open Call

- Easy-to-use submission tool aimed at unstructured data 


Additional resources offered for the Open Call

- BioStudies is a one stop shop for supplementary material associated to publications indexed in
  Europe PMC. 


Access modalities

All data are indexed and searchable by keywords.


Scientific and technical requirements

Flexible requirements, please contact our staff.



Scientific contact: Alvis Brazma 
Technical contact: Ugis Sarkans