CORBEL Catalogue of Services

Why do we need a Catalogue of Services?

Currently there are 13 biological and medical sciences Research Infrastructures (RIs) in Europe, all of them working jointly together in CORBEL towards offering shared services for life-science.
All RIs offer services, i.e. researchers from academia and industry can access their facilities, technologies and expertise. Services can simply be consultation, access to experts, but also access to data and biological samples, use of data analysis tools, access to facilities (e.g. highly specialised microscopes) plus support from technicians and much more.

The CORBEL Catalogue of Services is the first tool to list the main services of all these RIs at a glance and it aims to facilitate the utilisation of RI services by researchers from all over the world.

The Catalogue of Services as displayed below aims to provide you a basic overview on existing services within distinct thematic fields.
You can either use the Catalogue of Services to identify a single RI to help you with your work or you can create your own CORBEL service pipelines, i.e. using several RIs subsequently.

Examples of service pipelines are provided here. 

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Contact person(s): INFRAFRONTIER Scientific User Support

INFRAFRONTIER is the European research infrastructure for the development, phenotyping, archiving and distribution of model mammalian genomes. It is formed by more than 25 research centres in 14 European countries and Canada. In INFRAFRONTIER these partners join forces to commonly advance the basic understanding of human health and disease using mouse and rodent models.

Services provided

Services offered by INFRAFRONTIER include

  • archiving and distribution of scientifically valuable mutant mouse strains
  • rodent model development (mouse and rat) using gene targeting in embryonic ES-cells or CRISPR/CAS9 technologies
  • systemic phenotyping of mutant mice for a whole-organism view on gene function
  • germ-free (axenic) mice
  • validated genetically engineered mouse models of cancer
  • access to comprehensinve expertise and training


    Some of the INFRAFRONTIER resources and services are provided free of charge, others entail user fees to recover costs.
    There are periodic Open Calls to fund researchers, for detailed information see the INFRAFRONTIER website.
    For further information please contact us.

    Access modes

    Access modalities vary with the kind of resource or service requested.
    For further information please contact us.

    Why work with us

    INFRAFRONTIER provides access to unique resources and expertise to advance the understanding of human health and disease using mammalian models. Our users can rely on highest quality standards and long-standing experience. INFRAFRONTIER’s one-stop-shop facilitates efficient research.

    Countries involved

    DE, GR, FI, CZ, FR, EMBL

    Please note: Most of the RIs are constantly developing their portfolio of services, so if you do not find the service/tool you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact the RI and ask for it!