CORBEL Catalogue of Services


Why do we need a Catalogue of Services?

Currently there are 13 biological and medical sciences Research Infrastructures (RIs) in Europe, all of them working jointly together in CORBEL towards offering shared services for life-science.
All RIs offer services, i.e. researchers from academia and industry can access their facilities, technologies and expertise. Services can simply be consultation, access to experts, but also access to data and biological samples, use of data analysis tools, access to facilities (e.g. highly specialised microscopes) plus support from technicians and much more.

The CORBEL Catalogue of Services is the first tool to list the main services of all these RIs at a glance and it aims to facilitate the utilisation of RI services by researchers from all over the world.

The Catalogue of Services as displayed below aims to provide you a basic overview on existing services within distinct thematic fields.
You can either use the Catalogue of Services to identify a single RI to help you with your work or you can create your own CORBEL service pipelines, i.e. using several RIs subsequently.

Examples of service pipelines are provided here. 

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Contact person(s): Luc Deltombe, Johanna Dungl

BBMRI-ERIC is a research infrastructure of biobanks and biomolecular resources. Our main goal is to provide expertise and services, advancing the use of European sample collections and its data for the benefit of human health. Our activities are on a non-economic basis and primarily intended for our member countries.

Services provided

BBMRI-ERIC delivers services to their member states in 3 different areas: IT, Quality Management and ELSI

  • Key IT Services

          - Directory (collecting information about biobanks and their sample/data collections)
          - Negotiator (facilitating communication between researchers requesting samples/data
                 from biobanks)
          - Bibbox (toolbox for biobanks, open-source software)
          - MIABIS 2.0 (Community standard for sharing information about biobanks)

  • Key Quality Management Services

          - QM consultancy programmes, including a Self Assesment tool

  • Key ELSI Services

          - practical interpretation of new legislations
          - ethics check of ELSI compliance for research proposals
          - ELSI help-desk Services

Services are free for those biobanks that are located in a member state.
For further information please contact us.

Access modes

Access can be on-site or online, dependent on the requested service.
For further information please contact us.

Why to work with us

Reproducible data in research is key and in order to achieve that, you need high quality samples and data as starting point. BBMRI-ERIC enables biobanks to work with high quality samples and its associated data and supports controlled access to the wider research community, being a true gateway to health.

Countries involved

Members: AT, BE, CZ, EE, FI, FR, DE, GR, IT, LT, ML, NL, NO, PL, SE, UK
Observer: IARC/WHO, CY, TR, CH



Contact person(s): Anne-Charlotte Fauvel

EATRIS supports researchers in translating their findings into novel interventions including preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic products up to clinical proof of concept. The infrastructure comprises over 90 leading research institutions in the translational field located in 12 countries across Europe. EATRIS also supports the validation and development of novel (biological) tools for precision medicine and translational research in drug development. By providing access to accredited facilities as well as market-oriented expertise, including partnering, regulatory and health-technologuy assessment, your validation needs are covered in a one-stop shop.

Services provided

Services offered by EATRIS include

  • support funding applications (Identification of partners for consortium building, assessment of the project plan's impact and innovation potential)
  • translational research facilities and expertise for development of novel biomarkers, diagnostics and therapeutics
  • molecular, functional & hybrid imaging technologies, preclinical models, samples, patient cohorts, GMP manufacturing
  • regulatory and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) expertise
  • advice on intellectual property issues and industry partnering strategy

Costs are calculated on a case by case basis depending on the service required.
For further information please contact us.

Access modes

Services performed can be offered either centrally by the coordination and support team based in Amsterdam or remotely by the EATRIS institutions.

Why to work with us

Translating novel biology insights into effective interventions or medical applications is a highly complex process. It requires significant dedicated expertise, facilities and resources. We believe in your medical innovation and we want to support you by bringing together the multi-disciplinary expertise and infrastructure required for optimising your translational trajectory. Working with EATRIS gives greater confidence in the translational feasibility of your project and its impact.

Countries involved




Contact person(s): European Correspondent in your country, Sabine Klager

ECRIN is a pan-European distributed infrastructure that links scientific partners and networks across Europe to facilitate multinational clinical research. ECRIN provides sponsors and investigators with support for the development and implementation of multinational trials.

Services provided

Services offered by ECRIN include

  • information and advice for funding applications and preparation of multinational clinical trials (methodology, operational aspects, regulatory, ethics, contracting...)
  • trial management operations (interaction with competent authorities & ethics committees, project management, monitoring, vigilance, data management)
  • clinical trial tools (outcome measures, regulatory database, site locations, risk-based monitoring)

Information and advice are free for ECRIN members. The cost of trial management services depends on the type of service requested.

Access modes

Users submit their proposal or request to ECRIN office; the access mode depends on proposal and needs.

Why to work with us

Difficulties in locating clinical trials units, fulfilling local legal, regulatory and ethical requirements, and coordinating multi-country trial management deter many researchers from attempting multinational trials. This means that most independent trials are conducted in single centres, or multiple centres within one country. ECRIN provides a pathway through Europe's fragmented health and legal systems with its pan-European infrastructure that is designed to support multinational clinical research and unlock access to patients and medical expertise.

Countries involved

Observer: CH, SK

Please note: Most of the RIs are constantly developing their portfolio of services, so if you do not find the service/tool you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact the RI and ask for it!