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General information

Full name                            
European Infrastructure for Translational Medicin
Short nameEATRIS
Legal statusERIC
Operational statusfully operational
Coordinating institutionEATRIS-ERIC
Operations & Finance Director
Anton Ussi
RI member countries
BG, CZ, ES, FI, FR, IT, LU, LV, NL, NO, PO, SI, SE                  
ContactAnton Ussi
antonussi [at] eatris.eu

National nodes

This sections provides an overview on the national subsidiaries of the RI.

NameWebsite, contact

Contact: Andreas Scherer, andreasscherer [at] eatris.eu


SwedenContact: Ulrika Backman,  ulrikabackman [at] eatris.eu

Laetitia Abdou Garonne, l.a.garonne [at] ncmm.uio.no http://eatris.eu/no



Lauranne Duquenne, lauranne.duquenne@cea.fr 



Francesca Capone, francesca.capone [at] iss.it 



Dinah Duarte, dinah.duarte [at] infarmed.pt



Rossitza Konakchieva, alliancecelltechnologies [at] abv.bg


Czech Republic

Marian Hajduch, marian.hajduch [at] upol.cz



Fatima Nunez, fatima.nunez [at] vhir.org



Frank Glod, frank.glod [at] lih.lu



Uldis Berkis, uldis.berkis [at] rsu.lv 


The Netherlands

Gerrit Meijer, g.meijer [at] nki.nl 



Irena Mlinaric, irena.mlinaric [at] ffa.uni-lj.si 


Description of the organisation

EATRIS, the European infrastructure for translational medicine, provides high quality services in early development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics. Translational research is defined as research that develops promising biomedical innovations 'from bench to bedside,' and conversely brings clinical insights from bedside back to bench.

Translational research is a highly multi-disciplinary and complex undertaking. As a consequence, a major challenge in developing new innovations is understanding what steps need to be taken, and what expertise and technologies are suitable to perform these steps. External researchers in need for academic support will find that EATRIS is able to provide guidance by means of regulatory, clinical and technological expertise available within the infrastructure. Subsequently, EATRIS will match the need with the capabilities within the infrastructure and facilitate collaboration among academics and between academics and companies.

Biomedical inventions frequently fail to pass the 'valley of death' for various reasons. EATRIS aims to overcome translational challenges by (1) developing new enabling technologies within the consortium, and (2) making high quality services available for other researchers.

EATRIS strives to accelerate medicines and diagnostics development by utilising cutting-edge, enabling technologies in early translational research. Academic researchers, companies and charities can access clinical expertise and high-end facilities that are available within the 80 top-tier academic centres across Europe comprising EATRIS. Member institutions are selected on the basis of their track record in public-private collaboration in translational development and their multidisciplinary teams of leading academic experts, high-end research facilities, production laboratories and licenses.

EATRIS focuses on preclinical and early clinical development of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics. Solutions are provided in the fields of advanced therapy medicinal products, biomarkers, imaging and tracing, small molecules and vaccines.
The wide-ranging services portfolio focuses on supporting early decision-making and de-risking of projects. Examples include validation and development of in vitro and in vivo biomarkers for patient stratification, molecular imaging tracers for drug development programmes, GMP manufacturing of cellular therapy products, patient-derived xenograft models, and many more highly specialised capabilities.

Service offer

A list of services offered by EATRIS can be downloaded here.