General information

Full name                               
European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network             
Short nameECRIN
Legal status
Operational statusfully operational
Coordinating institutionECRIN-ERIC
Director General
Jacques Demotes
RI member countries
DE, ES, FR, HU, IT, NO, PT, CZ, IE                              
ObserverCH, SK

Christine Kubiak

christine.kubiak [at]

National nodes

This sections provides an overview on the national subsidiaries of the RI.


NameContact, website
F-CRIN – French Clinical Research
     Infrastructure Network

Contact: Amélie Michon, Luc Wasungu


KKSN – Netzwerk der Koordinierungs-
     zentren für Klinische Studien

Contact: Linda Stoher, Laura Vieweg


HECRIN – Hungarian Clinical Research
    Infrastructure Network

Contact: Zita Tarjányi


Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS)

Contact: Elena Toschi


Norwegian Clinical Research Infra-
    structure (NorCRIN)

Contact: Valentina Cabral Iversen


PtCRIN – Portuguese Clinical Research
    Infrastructure Network

Contact: Catarina Madeira


SCReN – Spanish Clinical Research

Contact: Juan Ferrero, Joaquín Sáez Peñataro


CZECRIN - Czech Clinical Research
    Infrastructure Network

Contact: Lenka Souckova, Katerina Nebeska



HRB CRCI - Health Research Board

    Clinical Research Coordination


Contact: Suzanne Bracken, Fiona Cregg



Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation

Contact: Caecilia Schmid



SLOVACRIN - Slovak Clinical Research

    Infrastructure Network

Contact: Simona Sonderlichová, Stefan Toth




Description of the organisation

Since its creation in 2004, ECRIN has been striving to overcome the challenges to multinational trials in Europe.
ECRIN focuses on multinational academic research as well as trials initiated by biotech and medical device small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It provides support to sponsors in investigator-initiated trials and helps them navigate Europe’s fragmented health and legal systems. Multi-country trials means greater access to patients, resources, and expertise, and, in turn, faster and potentially more robust results. 

ECRIN’s organisational model is based on country membership. Each country has a European Correspondent, who manages the trial portfolio and coordinates with the national scientific hub (i.e. network of clinical trial units, CTUs) with support from the Paris-based Core Team.
ECRIN provides support for the preparation of multinational clinical trials (e.g. trial logistics, funding applications), the validation of study protocols (scientific and logistical review), and trial management (coordination, submissions to competent authorities and ethics committees; monitoring; adverse event reporting; data management). In support of these activities, it develops and maintains freely accessible tools such as databases on regulatory and ethical requirements, outcome measures, and risk-based monitoring.
ECRIN currently provides consultancy and management services to more than 40 trials, with an average of seven countries per trial.
In addition, ECRIN contributes to capacity building projects aiming to establish shared services in biomedical areas and to foster international cooperation in non-commercial trials.

Service offer

A list of services offered by ECRIN can be downloaded here.