Single sign-on for Life Science services

CORBEL WP5 has specified Life Science AAI, a common service for authenticating researchers and helping the Life Science services to manage their access rights. The Life Science AAI relieves the relying services of managing the researchers’ user accounts and reduces the number of login credentials researchers need in their work. During the winter, the Life Science AAI has been deployed for a pilot in the e-infrastructure coordinated AARC2 project. The webinar will present the Life Science AAI, the pilot and the future plans.

CORBEL webinars include an audience Q&A session during which attendees can ask questions and make suggestions.

This webinar took place on 17 April 2018. It is best viewed in full screen mode using Google Chrome. The slides from this webinar can be downloaded from SlideShare here.

About the speakers...

Dr. Mikael Linden coordinates the Life Science AAI (authentication and authorization infrastructure) specification work and is the editor of the requirements specification for the Life Science AAI. He works for the Finnish ELIXIR node and leads the AAI task in ELIXIR. He holds a doctoral degree in information security from Tampere University of Technology.



Kostas Koumantaros, Msc, is a Project Manager and Software Engineer on GRID and Cloud Technologies at GRNET SA. He obtained the Bachelors Degree in Computer Science Software Engineering in July 1999 from the University of Essex. He subsequently pursued an MSc in Advanced Computer Science Software Engineering degree from the University of Manchester, which he obtained with excellent marks in October 2000. Since October 2002 he is part of GRNET Technical Department as the manager of GRNET's Open Source Promotion and Development Initiative and member of the Hellasgrid Task Force. From April 2004 till April 2010 he was acting as the Regional Operations Centre technical manager for South-East-Europe (Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Romania, Bulgaria) for the series EC project EGEE-1,2,3 (Enabling Grids for e-Science in Europe) being responsible for coordinating operational technical aspects of the scientific Grid infrastructure in the region, and its seamless integration into the pan-European e-Science infrastructure. Since April 2010 he is acting as the NGI Manager for NGI_GRNET. Kostas is currently cooridanting the Joint effort by GEANT, EGI and EUDAT to provide an AAI solution for the LifeScience Community.