Instruct Image Processing Center

Madrid, Spain

General information

The Instruct Image Processing Center provides support for the image processing of electron micrographs, helping to bridge the way between the adquisition of raw electron micrographs and the calculation of 3D macromolecular maps. Once a 3D map has been obtained, and structural models have been proposed, we also provide integrative tools to explore the newly adquired experimental structural information with data contained in genomics and proteomics databases.



We provide support in strategies for Electron Microscopy (EM) image adquisition, as well as full support for the processing of these images towards 3D maps.   


Technologies offered for the Open Call

- Support in EM data acquisition planning
- Support for preparation and calculation of 3D macromolecular maps
- Linking structural data with genomics and proteomics databases


Additional resources offered for the Open Call

- Access to local state-of-the-art cryo EM facilities (in conjunction with iNEXT, another EC funded project 


Access modalities

Both remote and on-site support is offered. Staff can perform the image processing operations on local computing resources. Staff could also adquire EM images, in cojunction with iNEXT.


Scientific and technical requirements

Ideally, the user already has, or is in the process to, adquire high quality EM micrographs. We can also support for planning of EM data adquisition. Finally, we can also provide access to local state-of-the-art cryo EM facilities, in conjunction with iNEXT.



Scientific contact: Carlos Oscar Sorzano Sanchez, Jose-Maria Carazo
Technical contact: Joan Segura